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Suit Yourself

Strives to increase the confidence and self esteem of disadvantaged women searching for employment or making a transition into the workforce through the collection and distribution of quality wardrobe items.

BasketBelle donated jewelry and bath products!!

Basket Belle - Suit Yourself Edmonton Donation2For more information or to donate ::


Sorrentino’s Compassion House

A safe haven for women battling breast cancer. Warm, inviting and modern, guests discover a safe and quiet place where they can come together and focus on what matters most.

Basketbelle donated home decor & bath products! 

Stay tuned for a ‘basket making’ seminar close to the Christmas season to have the ladies in the house make a beautiful decorated basket for someone they love, I can’t wait!!

Thank you Melissa for opening the doors to BasketBelle — at Sorrentino’s Compassion House.

Baske Belle - Compassion House Edmonton Donation

Basically Babies

Basically Babies is a registered charity that works to provide for the basic outfitting needs of newborn babies born to families in extreme need in the greater Edmonton area. We offer the gift of a complete first year’s wardrobe for these infants in the form of a beautiful color coordinated basket filled with clothing, outerwear, blankets, toys, storybooks, sleepers, undershirts, footwear and other baby essentials. We call these packaged gifts “layettes”.

Basket Belle - Basically Babies Edmonton donation

 For more information or to donate ::

Canadian Home Builders of Alberta Conference

Well, it seems to be that time of year again! And no, not Christmas, yet…It actually happens to be the annual conference for CHBA at Jasper Park Lodge from September 11th-16th, 2013. The Canadian Home Builders Association has a vision for a strong and positive role in the housing industry and is committed to supporting business success of members and the ability to maintain affordable and quality housing. And this happens to be the third year in a row BasketBelle has been asked to make beautiful centrepieces and decorations for the event.


This year the theme is Superhero and Villains! Which at first you’re thinking, heck yes. Then realize how hard it actually is to find ‘superhero’ candy that doesn’t consist of those chalky fake cigarettes we purchased in the good old days. Not only candy needed to be purchased either! We created superhero lunchbox centerpieces, yummy volunteer gifts, best costume prizes and theme night prizes for all the games. The BasketBelle herself helped brainstorm for the event and order theme night decorations, which may I add again is not an easy task when you’re looking at 10 foot background drops of Gotham City in New York. Also, we arranged a beautiful gift for the presidents wife!


Oh ya, and after all the talk about candy, I can’t forget to mention the candy bar. The candy bar for 400 people. Let’s just leave it at I think Sweets Galore has seen enough of me, until my next run for walnuts…


Kids Kottage – Father’s Day Fundraiser

We were so excited to once again be a part of the annual Father’s Day Fundraiser, supporting the Kids Kottage Foundation. Not only did our Father’s Day inspired baskets raise up to $22,000.00 for the foundation, but we were also so happy to support the families and children in need. 

Here’s a look at the amazing baskets we donated:


6 Baskets :: Gourmet Du Village Beer Can Chicken Roaster, Seasonings, Pulled pork seasonings, Newfoundland Screech Rum BBQ sauce, Pretzels with Maple Bacon whipped mustard dip, Donated sleeve of golf balls and a variety of imported beers.


6 Baskets :: Dr. Hunter and Casswell Massey men’s body lines, 12 year Glenlivet scotch,Scotch glassware and donated golf balls.



Spring has finally sprung!

With Mother’s Day behind us we look forward to celebrating Father’s Day with you and of course, summer holidays!  We have been working on some very unique baskets recently with different themes, occasions and age groups!  Recently, we did a yoga basket…without a yoga mat!  Who knew it would be such a hit!  

Looking forward and working on Father’s Day has leads us to barbeque, golf and of course gardening…AKA “yard work”! We would love to hear from you with any creative ideas you might have for baskets. Have you ever thought about building your own basket? It’s a great way to put your personal touch on it!  It’s like build-a-bear for baskets!  Come and do it with us!

First Online Order – Check

We are so excited to have sent out our VERY FIRST online order!!! We have tons of new product coming in so keep checking in so you don’t miss out on any of our awesome items – like the Bling Travellers that sold out in only a hour. Keep those orders coming! 

BasketBelle has a NEW website!!!

First off, Welcome to the New BasketBelle website!!! It has been quite a journey to get us to this point but now that we are here we are super excited to share our new site with you. In case you didn’t notice, we have added a retail section, which we are thrilled about. We have a lot of great brands all available for purchase, such as; Owen Berry, Primal Elments, Pediped, Hug And Kiss Designs, La Cote, White Lotus, BauXo and Bearfoot Venus just to name a few. Our basket section is stocked to the brim with amazing custom baskets for every occasion – including the Christmas season. With that in mind BasketBelle is the perfect place to get all of your Holiday shopping done. So have fun taking a look around, we look forward to helping you give the perfect gift.