Canadian Home Builders of Alberta Conference

Well, it seems to be that time of year again! And no, not Christmas, yet…It actually happens to be the annual conference for CHBA at Jasper Park Lodge from September 11th-16th, 2013. The Canadian Home Builders Association has a vision for a strong and positive role in the housing industry and is committed to supporting business success of members and the ability to maintain affordable and quality housing. And this happens to be the third year in a row BasketBelle has been asked to make beautiful centrepieces and decorations for the event.


This year the theme is Superhero and Villains! Which at first you’re thinking, heck yes. Then realize how hard it actually is to find ‘superhero’ candy that doesn’t consist of those chalky fake cigarettes we purchased in the good old days. Not only candy needed to be purchased either! We created superhero lunchbox centerpieces, yummy volunteer gifts, best costume prizes and theme night prizes for all the games. The BasketBelle herself helped brainstorm for the event and order theme night decorations, which may I add again is not an easy task when you’re looking at 10 foot background drops of Gotham City in New York. Also, we arranged a beautiful gift for the presidents wife!


Oh ya, and after all the talk about candy, I can’t forget to mention the candy bar. The candy bar for 400 people. Let’s just leave it at I think Sweets Galore has seen enough of me, until my next run for walnuts…