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    These snack sized, dairy free chocolate treats really do taste amazing. Even better still, the dairy free bars are also gluten free, lactose free, casein free and vegan. These really are the perfect bites for little appetites!

  • Milkless Chocolate Bar


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  • Movember

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  • Apothecary - Tobacco & Patchouli

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  • Organic Roasted Garlic & Onion Infused Sea Salt | Saltwest Naturals


    Our #1 infused flavour… One taste and you’ll know why people are raving about this infused Canadian sea salt. Garlic & onion seem to be the culinary work horses in our kitchen, which makes this infusion a quick and easy all-purpose seasoning. Using high quality North American certified organic garlic & onions which are slowly roasted to create rich sweet caramelized characteristics, perfect to season fish, meats and veggies. Try a sprinkle on some butter pan fried prawns or sauteed mushrooms or roasted potatoes. Rub it on steak, chicken or pork to enhance and finish with some fresh herbs.

  • Organic Seasar Pleaser Drink Rimmer | Saltwest Naturals


    Our hand-harvested sea salts are made from the Canadian coastal waters of Vancouver Island making your Seasar a true Canadian cocktail to brag about. Freshly ground organic celery seed and a kick of onion and garlic make this a Caesar worth serving to your friends. Take your Caesar or Bloody Mary’s to another level and add a little spice to the party with this sweet rimmer tin. Saltwest knows how to get the party started… Simply wet the rim of the cocktail glass with a lime. Apply cocktail salt to the rim; mixer up and let loose.

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  • Salted Caramel Chocolate | Saltwest Naturals


    A sweet and salty sprinkle of heaven in every bite of our Salted Caramel Chocolate Sea Salt. Indulge in the deep rich dark chocolate notes and natural caramel followed by the sweet kiss of our Raincoast Flaked Sea Salt. Use this as a dessert topper by sprinkling onto ice cream, cheesecake, freshly baked cookies or brownies. Add a spoonful to fresh strawberries with yogurt or as a specialty coffee rim trimmer or finish the whip cream top.

  • Smashed Peppercorn & Sea Salt Blend | Saltwest Naturals


    A wonderful mixture of our flavourful Black Tellicherry Peppercorns & our coarse Sea Salts for a classic blend. This sea salt can be used as a rub for steaks, pork chops, roasts or ribs. Use it to season baked potatoes, gravies, fried eggs, omelettes, soups & sandwiches too. Throw away those salt & pepper shakers and try this blend for outdoor barbecuing or indoors cooking. It’s our go-to seasoning for everyday cooking.