Custom Christmas Baskets

Holiday gifting can be challenging, but we are here to help! BasketBelle creates custom gift baskets for every taste, budget, and style. From big corporate orders to individual gifts, we can do it all!

Choose from any of our products in-store, bring in all your own, or mix-and-match to create the perfect basket. We can create a basket from scratch or simply assemble them for you.

Make your holiday shopping list a breeze with a BasketBelle Custom Basket!

Assembly Prices:

Small basket (20 minutes) – $15.00

Medium basket (40 minutes) – $25.oo

Large basket (60 minutes) – $40.00

Extra Large basket (90 minutes) – $60.00

**Prices will vary depending on products chosen including basket bases**

*All products are subject for substitution at equal value.